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  1. Tool For Drawing State Machine
  2. Best Software For Drawing On Mac
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What Are Vector Graphics?

1. Inkscape (Free)

2. Vectr (Free)

3. LibreOffice Draw (Free)

4. DrawBerry (Free)

5. Boxy SVG ($9.99)

6. Autodesk Graphic ($29.99)

7. Pixelmator ($39.99)

8. Affinity Designer ($49.99)

Tool For Drawing State Machine

9. Sketch ($99)

Best Software For Drawing On Mac

Vector Software That Didn’t Make the Cut

  • Xara Xtreme: A free, open-source version of the premium Windows project, the mac version of Xara Xtreme was previously in development. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the project has had an update since 2008.
  • Skencil: A free vector drawing program for Linux that will run on macOS. Unfortunately there have been no updates since 2010.
  • Karbon: A great free package that’s open-source, but it requires the whole Calligra Suite to be installed to use it. We guess it’s worth a try if you’re unsatisfied with Inkscape or Boxy SVG.

What’s Your Favourite Vector Software for Mac?

  1. Something new on the Mac App Store — ZeldDesigner
  2. Boxy isn’t free anymore.
  3. You forgot Gravit Designer. It’s web based, but it’s much more advanced than Vectr.
  4. Boxsvg is not free anymore. US$10
    I’ve been using inkscape for lack of free alternatives on macos. I like it most of the time but quite slow because it’s on xquartz I guess. and mouse/keyboard mapping sometimes a bit confusing. ctrl c instead of cmd c for example.
    Now it seems I can try others.
  5. Ironically, I came here as I use Sketch but it doesn’t import AI files (apparently. Correct me if I’m wrong). So I came looking for an app to import ai and export as pdf or svg, to be imported into Sketch.
  6. Create, by Andrew Stone, was pretty good.. still works.. keeps a library.. (belight’s app isn’t here?) what’s the best way to transfer workable images between them? Pdf? .eps? I’ve used .pdf to share vector files between Mac apps, although in 3D apps it seems to strip down to a basic skeleton of the image.. but editable.
  7. It’s obvious the author is Canadian; which means he’s funny and he owns a lot of coats. Sounds like I have a couple of free options for vector software. Glad I found this article.
  8. Cheers!
  9. Canvas Draw is back!!!
  10. Affinity Designer very good
  11. What about Affinity Designer? Is that any good?
  12. You forgot the Illustrator-Killer-App: Affinity Designer. It supports CMYK, Lab-Colors, 16-Bit colors, Imports Illustrator, PDF and Freehand-Files(!) and is superfast.
  • Would you stop with the ‘Illustrator Killer’ nonsense!? If you worked at any level with AI, you’d know what Affinity Designer nowhere near AI’s capabilities. You simply can’t replace a program that has been around over 20 years with a ‘new kid on the block’ app that has been developed in a year, poorly implemented, has vague features, and tons of bugs.
  • Well that’s exactly what Sketch could be described as as well, during its first 2 years its popular existence, but it still meant the very abrupt end of photoshops (impressive) 25+ year reign over (UI) design land.. it just took another 1.5 years untill you wouldn’t get hired anywhere anymore without knowledge of Sketch.
  • That alone makes Sketch one of the best options on this list. although they still (and will) need to improve one or two things before I personally will write off illustrator entirely. And budget isn’t even any factor in this choice making.
  1. I love Inkscape on Linux Ubuntu. On MacosX is painful -> 1/2 of screen is displayed
  2. PixelMator 3.3.3 doesn’t support SVG format
  • Pixelmator does not — at any version — support ANY vector format import/export.
  1. Your article is misleading. I just paid $30 for Pixelmator based on this article as well as the description on the website. I found only after the purchase, Pixelmator does not support import or export of vector images. I located 2 very long threads on their support blog of many angry customers that made the same mistake as me or almost made it and there is absolutely no response from Pixelmator support to any of the blog posts dating back more than 3 years. I do not recommend this app!
  • Brian,
  • PixelMatr deos support vector gracia (although not SVG) but you need to switch to VectorMator mode — CMD-SHIFT-V
  • No it does not. Even switch to VectorMator mode, it just converts vector graphic into pixel map.
  1. Thanks for a great list! And you might consider updating this article, now that Serif has Affinity Photos available for beta-testing. I have Adobe CS5.5 Web & Design Premium — was required for school. I’ve had iDraw for over a year and it’s my go to for doing a quick logo or simple drawing. Because it doesn’t have the extras like Photoshop and Illustrator special effects, it loads faster than Illustrator so I can get to work sooner. iDraw has all the basic tools for creating vector-based images and then some — like being able to create buttons for websites and drop that code into your document. It’s also got some cool features for those who develop apps for for iOS. iDraw documents now provide sub-layers and grouping those sub-layers=very convenient. I found the PDF User Guide to be instructive for not only using the software, but for those who’ve never used a vector creation app or with limited knowledge or use, the User Guide educates about vectors vs. raster and what the different tools can do.
  2. I’ve gotten 2–3 free updates to iDraw since I purchased it, and these have made the software easier to use, and added functionality. I intend to get Pixelmator and possibly the Affinity apps. I’m currently beta-testing Affinity Photos; and while it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Photoshop, I don’t want or need all of those bells and whistles.
  3. Just paid $30 (the revised price) based on your blog post for Pixelmator and it DOES NOT support vector files.
  4. ‘Vectormator’ mode merely opens up all of the tools/palette windows which include some vector-based shapes. IT DOES NOT give you any ability to open, edit, or save actual vector images. That’s a big ole FAIL :(
  5. Please do your homework before misinforming your readers.
  • I was similarly disappointed. However, on closer inspection, it actually does kinda do vector editing. It’s just not “like” a real vector app in the way it does it. The view is ALWAYS raster-like at the documents set DPI. Combining and subtracting paths isn’t convenient like in a real vector app. And it rasterises even when exporting to PDF. As advertised it bills itself at a full featured (100%) vector app. At first glance, it infuriatingly seems to be barely a 5% featured vector editor. At a second glance though, it actually turns out to be… I’d say 30% featured. Still deserves the FAIL, of course, but just wanna say you might find it capable of at least some of the vector work you want to do.
  1. Hi, Thank you for the listing.
  2. I am doing graphic design and produce artwork that can be translated to end product. I am not strictly attached to any brands/product of the application/software. How ever being a nerdy at the 80’s in my early age, I have been exposed to Broderbund’s, Aldus’, Adobe’s etc.
  3. How ever, when software and format limitation being a critical issue on some stages, such as software versions, machines and operators I always find that the native and raw format is the best solutions. Yet still, editable file are the main issue especially in collaboration cycle with others.
  4. I’m using Inskcape on Mac/Linux/Windows for the past 5 years and still wondering which alternative application (or stack or applications) that can smoothly produce editable Ai format.
  5. Affinity Designer is looking’ good!
  6. I miss ConceptDraw, non-commercial license cost me about $99. Impressive tool, compatible with Visio native format btw.
  • Was great
  1. You are superman! thanks a LOT
  2. good ;) thank you .
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Tool For Drawing On Computer Screen

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A Tool For Drawing On A Pdf




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